GNI Featured In Neurosurgery Market Watch

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The article discusses the way we approach patient care with three core values: consistency, continuity, and compassion. Our neurosurgeons practice in a one-to-one ratio with six physician assistants, which is a great benefit to our patient care. It provides a familiarity between the providers and the patients, making for a quality experience. We truly care about our patients and we want to make sure that they feel properly cared for and attended to!

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Toward Healthcare Resource Stewardship

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Toward Healthcare Resource Stewardship

Joe Sam Robinson, M. Sami Walid, Aaron C. M. Barth

Nova Science Publishers, May 1, 2012 – Health & Fitness – 296 pages

The United States, as well as both developed and underdeveloped countries around the world, grapple with escalating healthcare costs. The number of healthcare consumers is increasing worldwide, and while most of such an increase tilts the demographic curve toward younger age groups, older age cohorts are also increasing. These older age cohorts are particularly noticeable in developed countries where useful scientific progress has evolved substantial and extensive healthcare technologies. Access to such expensive technologies has both been widely sought and become available to healthcare consumers. This book offers prescient insights upon various ways to diminish healthcare expenses.