A long history of being first

We were the first in central Georgia to do lumbar fusions and the first to do minimally invasive (MIS) lumbar fusions. Using precision and advanced techniques, some of which we pioneered ourselves, GNI neurosurgeons strive to lessen pain, reduce risk, and decrease recovery time.

Why Choose GNI

GNI physicians hold 28 patents for medical devices and are at the forefront of surgical procedures, clinical trials, and medical research. They train other neurosurgeons worldwide, including those in underdeveloped countries where medical care is often scant or unavailable. Furthermore, neurosurgeons are the most highly trained doctors available, with a requirement of at least seven years of  residency upon completion of medical school and a dedicated focus on the brain, spine and spinal cord. Our experience and training are second to none.

To learn more about expert brain, back and neck care from the area leaders, call Georgia Neurosurgical Institute. To schedule an appointment, please have your physician call 478.743.7092 or fax your information to 478.743.6293.